Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rose bushes and crystal lake

I'm slow posting this, but I went walking again for the first time since I hurt my tendon. I walked on Friday for 30 minutes and my foot hurt the rest of the day. I walked early in the morning before it got too hot for the day. I enjoyed listening to the chirpping of the birds and also seeing all the rose bushes in bloom. There were rose bushes all along the route I walked and they smelled wonderful.

Saturday my husband and I took a day trip to East Canyon, where we had lunch and walked along the trails and enjoyed the beautiful scenery - the green trees and bushes, the crystal blue lake and people having fun in the sun on the beaches and on the water.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't think I'll be walking today. Went to the gym yeaterday and Wendy was there - yea! But walking on the incline walker really hurt my achilles tendon on my left foot. I injured it several years ago, and when I wear my walking shoes too much it really get irritated. I talked to my trainer and he said use the eliptical instead of the incline and put ice on the tendon. I also pulled a muscle in my groin while using the hamstring press (tried too much weight). Needless to say, I was really hurting yesterday and I am very miseralble today. Beside all that the lower joint in my left thumb is strained and hurts really bad and I gained 2.4 lbs. this week. I'm discouraged and I cried a lot yesterday.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Slower

Not much enthusiasm for my walk today. I feel tired. The sky is overcast and it is chilly. I walked a little slower today, but walked for 50 minutes. Went to the Peace Gardens to see the flowers in bloom. It is lovely. As I crossed the river I saw an animal swimming in the water. It had a very long rat-like tail, which it used to propel itself along as it foraged for food. The river is running low, perhaps preparing for the summer run-off from the East mountains. As I re-crossed the river to return home I could smell honeysuckle blossoms - very fragrant.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Have been busy doing yard wark, so haven't poisted for a few days. Monday I went to the gym alone. Worked hard, but not much fun without my daughter. The gym felt really muggy and hot.

Today and yesterday I didn't go on a regular walk, just expended a lot of energy woring on putting in a rock garden on one end of our parking strip. That's hot and sweaty work. But now that that is finished, I will get in a good walk tomorrow.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fond Memories

Walked earlier this morning and I noticed how noisey the birds were, and then I noticed that there was a lot more traffic on the streets - people heading off to work. It seemed loud, not the peaceful quiet I have been enjoying on my walks. I walked around Poplar Grove Park and then past the house where my parents used resided before they past away. The people living there have taken very good care of the home and the yard. Mom would be very pleased with the garden in the front, especially the climbing roses. My mother loved her flower gardens. I also walked past the home where my grandmother lived after my grandfather died and until she got to sick to take care of herself. It brought back fond memories. The sky was overcast but clear and I could see the snow capped mountains to the East. They are beautiful.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pleasant and Warm

Today was a warm day for a walk, but I really enjoyed it. As I walked past the school the children were out for recess - the teachers had organized relays and skill tests. It looked like the children were having a good time. The irises that were in full bloom last week were mostly gone today. I walked along the Jordan River Parkway where it borders the Peace Gardens. The river isn't a beautiful river, but it moves along quietly and there are lots of trees growing along it's banks. The Peace Gardens were green and pleasant with the newly planted flowers showing off their bright colors and the national flags were waving gently in the morning breeze. I saw ducks on the river, squirrels in the park, robins and magpies. There were more peoples out today - bikers and walkers and people in their yards. A very pleasant morning walk.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To the Gym and to the Store

On Monday, May 31st I went to the gym with my daughter and a friend. I walked on the Incline Walker for 10 minutes and then worked out on the weight machines for 30 minutes. Before going to the gym I mowed the front yard and when I got home I mowed the back yard and watered the garden with Daphne's help. I think I got my work-out for the day.

Today since I needed some supplies from the grocery store, I walked to Smith's and back. There was a gentle, light rain and the air was cool. I walked past the school, over the river and through the park - that took 20 minutes. I did my shopping and walked back the same way for another 20 minutes. A nice walk.