Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pleasant and Warm

Today was a warm day for a walk, but I really enjoyed it. As I walked past the school the children were out for recess - the teachers had organized relays and skill tests. It looked like the children were having a good time. The irises that were in full bloom last week were mostly gone today. I walked along the Jordan River Parkway where it borders the Peace Gardens. The river isn't a beautiful river, but it moves along quietly and there are lots of trees growing along it's banks. The Peace Gardens were green and pleasant with the newly planted flowers showing off their bright colors and the national flags were waving gently in the morning breeze. I saw ducks on the river, squirrels in the park, robins and magpies. There were more peoples out today - bikers and walkers and people in their yards. A very pleasant morning walk.

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